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1.8.0 beta0

By denopqrihg

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What is it?

VBALink is a normal Visualboy Advance for Windows, but it supports up to four* GBAs linked together (two when using Wireless adapter)!
Of course it's free (even opensource), so get it, try it, and spread it to whomever might want it.

This is not an official release of VBA!


New version 1.8.0 beta0 is out!
New features:
  • Wireless addapter over LAN (maybe even fast enough for Internet play .-)
  • Better connectivity
So get it right now!
(This is only a beta, so it's not 100% bug-free)

New Portuguese VBALink page was created by tulio150!
If you're Portuguese or just want to check it out, it's here: http://www.vbalink.1br.net

Official IRC Channel opens it's doors! If you search for People to Play or have Questions join #vbalink on irc.unitedusers.net. (If you're new to IRC read this post)

Important note:

The link works only on Windows
I don't have enough Linux knowledge to port it, but if you want you can do it!

How to use the singlecomp version?

How to use the LAN version?


Binaries (executable file):
ZIP: vbalink180b0.zip (565†073 bytes)
7z: vbalink180b0.7z (427†679 bytes) you need 7-zip to decompress this
Older versions

Games that DON'T work:

(this means that they can't link, not that they don't run at all)

Games for old Gameboy or Gameboy color (Pokemon R/G/B/Y/G/S/C)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Yu-gi-oh (some of them)
If you find another game that doesn't work, first search the forums if there isn't a way to get it work (like setting a higher timeout) and if you can't find anything, post it in the 'Not working' section of the forum.

If you have tried another game, post it in the forum.


What's NOT emulated

If you want to add something, feel free to download the code and modify it - I'll post it here if you send it back & it works - with your name if you want :-)

Thanks to (in no particular order):

Forgotten (the author of VBA)
My brother
Martin Korth (for gbatek.htm)
Lizardon (for all his help with Wireless emulation)
TheCloudOfSmoke (for the logo)

the creators of translated VBALink pages:
tulio150 (Portuguese page)
Maith (German page)
facugaich (Spanish page)

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